Sunday, July 18, 2010

Travelling in Circles

I bought the background for this piece late last year. I started gathering pieces for it before I even knew I was going to England. The biggest irony is that the England/Scotland map was pulled just to be a generic map representing travel. The England opportunity was not even on the horizon. Coming back home and having some time to work on this whilst waiting for my visa to return and live there, brings this piece even closer to my heart.

The hanger for this piece not shown) is an old piece of wire I obtained somewhere. It perfectly aligns with the wire on the top piece, when hanging.

My reoccuring theme of time and wings found its way into this. The very ironic map of England/Scotland. the butterfly woman is in another piece of mine and is a oftentimes a metaphor of me. The secret lock reveals treasure (per Nick) of which is Santiago, my patron saint. The arrow leads me, as always,  back to Santiago. I find arrows wherever I go now.....Spain, France, Scotland. The words are of hope, dreams, love and reality. The red flame finally found a permanent home. It has been residing in my wallet for over ten years. I obtained it during a Pentecost service in Portugal. My first overseas trip

And the circles? This fall I will take on a brief Camino via the Portugese route.

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